Charlie Bellows

Portfolio Manager

Office: (612) 376-2963

Charlie Bellows is a Senior Vice President and Analyst/Portfolio Manager. He is a member of the firm’s Investment Committee and also assists with the firm’s client development efforts.

In early 2003, Charlie joined White Pine Capital’s investment team. Charlie spent the first twelve years of his investment career, 1985-1997, with Hunter Keith Marshall and Norwest Bank in Minneapolis originating and placing both mortgage and asset backed securities. In 1997, Charlie co-founded IQ Docs, Inc., an early developer of “smart documentation systems” that automated the creation of complex loan documents for law firms and originators. In 1999 he returned to portfolio management joining US Bancorp Asset Management and managing assets for high-net worth individuals and non-profit organizations.

Charlie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard University, and a Masters of Hospital Administration from the University of Minnesota.