All Capitalization Equity 

Universe: Our investment universe spans a broad range of market capitalization growth oriented companies, generally with market capitalizations greater than $500 million, allowing for greater exposure to the wealth creating effects of the broader economy and market. Importantly, the inclusion of medium and smaller capitalization companies improves the overall Growth vs. Value and Return vs. Risk profile of the portfolio. Active management of the mix between large, medium and smaller companies provides dynamic opportunities to take advantage of differing expected returns across market capitalization segments.

Return Profile: Our fundamentally-based, time-tested investment process has generated favorable risk adjusted returns over a variety of market cycles and environments. Our investment process and framework focuses on Growth vs. Value and Return vs. Risk characteristics providing the highest probability of performance success while managing capital risk. 

Historically we have performed relatively well when market returns are broad and inclusive. This typically occurs when risk premiums are stable to declining and yield spreads are narrowing. In addition, because our research efforts focus on solid balance sheets and the establishment of an attractive investment basis, we tend to outperform during market declines.

Our process tends to be less effective when risk premiums widen or in extreme markets when momentum or high growth stocks are in favor.    

As a result, our process tends to protect capital in down markets and provide good participation in up markets, which over the cycle, has generated favorable risk adjusted returns.

Investment Process: Growing companies create wealth. Revenues and earnings growth are important drivers of stock prices and solid foundations provide the highest probability of longer term, sustainable growth and appreciation. Diversified portfolios are built from our process that includes thorough analysis of the income statement as well as the balance sheet, cash flows and capital structure to ensure the company has a solid base from which it can grow.  

Investment basis drives return profile. Larger stocks have a value tilt as they tend to be more efficiently priced. Smaller stocks have a growth tilt as they tend to be less efficiently priced offering opportunities to purchase growth at attractive valuations. Overall, the portfolio has favorable Growth vs. Value and Return vs. Risk characteristics.