Our Wealth Management Process

Guiding you along your path of economic independence: Asset Discovery, Asset Allocation & Portfolio Implementation

Appropriate Asset Allocation based upon your entire asset base helps stabilize returns and reduce overall risk to your wealth. Attention to risk management is as important as return management with Portfolio Implementation optimizing risk vs. return, net of taxes

  1. Asset Discovery: Personalized and confidential interaction to gather important, relevant information on investable, non-investable and other assets to incorporate into the Proposed Allocation.

  2. Asset Allocation Calculator: Initial comprehensive Risk Assessment incorporating investable assets, portfolio income needs, age, time horizon and health across 11 major asset classes and multiple sub-classes.

  3. Proposed Allocation: Incorporation of results from Asset Discovery and Asset Allocation Calculator into customized Asset Allocation.

  4. Final Allocation: Review of Proposed Allocation; optimizes risk vs. return, net of taxes, across the 11 major asset classes and multiple sub-classes and is finalized with client prior to Portfolio Implementation.

  5. Portfolio Implementation: Utilization of active and/or passive strategies to gain exposure to asset classes, minimize costs and manages both risk and return, net of taxes.

  6. Review and Rebalance: Periodic adjustments as needed to incorporate changes such as the relative performance of asset classes, clients’ risk tolerance, income needs, or non-investable assets, etc.