Wealth Management Services for Individuals

Since 1984, White Pine Capital has followed a disciplined, repeatable, time tested approach to guide our clients along their path of economic independence. Our personalized approach provides objective advice throughout the Asset Discovery, Asset Allocation, Portfolio Implementation and Review process.

Successful long term relationships are built upon a foundation of clear communications and trust. Clients work directly with the wealth manager actually managing their assets providing a clear channel into their Wealth Management Solution.

Our reporting platform provides comprehensive, consolidated reports across the accounts managed by White Pine Capital and since clients choose their own independent custodian, there is an additional layer of transparency and safety of assets.

Our open investment architecture allows us to build individualized portfolios that address client specific goals, objectives, and risk tolerance. We utilize a wide spectrum of investment options including individual equity and fixed income securities, actively managed funds, passive investments (e.g., index funds, exchange traded funds), or alternative investments (e.g., hedged products, commodities).

Experience: Our Investment Management and Operations and Client Support teams have a long history of success providing personalized, professional service to guide our clients along their path of economic independence.

Independent Advice: We sell advice, not products. We are an independent investment advisor which minimizes conflicts of interests when advising on asset allocation and portfolio implementation.

Interest Aligned: Fees are based upon assets under management. We do not participate in traditional third party mutual fund front or back-end loads or trailing 12(b)-1 fees from portfolio holdings. We bring an impartial, objective view when building your portfolio to manage both risk and returns.

Asset Security: Since White Pine Capital does not custody assets, clients select an independent custodian including banks, broker dealers, and trust companies, to safeguard assets and provide an additional layer of transparency of portfolio holdings, transactions, and separate statements.

As a manager of client assets, White Pine Capital serves as a fiduciary on client accounts. We cannot transfer, move, or withdraw assets without clients’ prior permission.

Communications and Reporting: Clients work directly with the investment manager actually managing their assets, providing a clear channel into their Wealth Management Solution. We believe that regular communications builds trust by keeping everyone well informed.

Our scalable platform allows for a consolidated, comprehensive reporting format that compiles portfolio holdings managed by White Pine Capital.

Respecting Established Relationships: Our team of professionals has many years of experience working alongside our clients existing relationships with accountants and estate planning attorneys.

Client Service and Operations Support: Led by co-founder Paula Gilmore, who has been with our firm since 1984, our Client Service and Operations support team brings an average of over 20 years of experience, all with White Pine Capital.

Your Money Should Work for You: A cornerstone of our business philosophy has always been to charge competitive fees and offer superior service.